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Kodak Flexcel NX

Kodak Flexcel NX

With Kodak Flexcel NX, the possibilities of high-quality flexographic printing can be widely exploited and, thanks to individual microcell structures, particularly well adapted to the printing conditions.

A wide range of individual screen types and technologies are available here to achieve the best possible result for every requirement.
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Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra

Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra

The Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra enables exceptionally efficient production of high-quality flexo plates at previously unattainable speeds and stability.

The water-based complete solution, is the result of a further development of the well-known Kodak NX quality, with which the solvent consumption at Köstlin can be specifically reduced and more environmentally friendly production can be achieved.
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Full HD Flexo

Full HD Flexo

In printing forme production with "Full HD Flexo", specific screen types and technologies in combination with LED exposure ensure particularly high quality and reproducibility.

This enables us to offer you printing plates and, above all, sleeves with which fine highlight areas, stable mid-tones, and higher solid ink densities can be produced.


Photopolymer sleeves

We use the latest technologies to produce our photopolymer sleeves for flexographic printing, which can also be produced with microcell screening.

We can produce our sleeves up to a printing width of 1750 mm.

In addition to the ability to print endlessly and seamlessly with it, you also benefit from numerous other advantages in terms of quality, handling and cost-effectiveness.



Advantages sleeves:

Coating plates

Digital coating plates for offset finishing.

We produce digital coating plates for inline finishing in sheetfed offset.
The main area of application is spot coating in commercial and packaging printing.

The advantage of our digital polymer coating plates lies in their image sharpness, register accuracy, high print run stability and the implementation of complex motifs and artwork.

Our coating plates can be produced with both foil (SEAL F ®) and aluminum (Gold A ®) substrates up to a size of 1,630 x 1,239 millimeters.

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Film exposure

Film exposure in large format.

Based on all common file formats and for all common printing processes, we offer you our film exposures.
We produce large format film exposures for screen printing, flexo printing, pad printing and offset printing, making us one of the specialists in oversize format exposures.

Our exposure formats:

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