Prepress - Your design in production.

No matter which packaging component is produced and which printing process is used - with our team of experienced specialists, we guarantee defined and consistent printing results.

By carefully preparing the data, we develop the crucial framework for a successful and repeatable print implementation of your design on different packaging types and substrates.

Köstlin Prepress Services stands for competent know-how in printing process-specific data preparation.

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Color Management

Supporting color and print quality, also includes checking and careful processing of color standards and profiling.

For the greatest possible reliability and precision, we work with GMG OpenColor and recognized color space standards. The most accurate spot color simulation and authoritative predictions of overprinting effects are thus given.
This accompanies our team in their daily work and ensures comprehensive color management performance.

In order to achieve the desired color results, we carry out a wide variety of color space elaborations. This also applies to the exact profiling, which is the basic prerequisite for a uniform and satisfactory result.

Köstlin Prepress Services | Reproduction


All relevant printing parameters, machine profiles and substrate simulations are included in the creation of our halftone proofs.

With the help of the extensive processing of the original design data, we are able to simulate reference representations and colors in various ways. 
We offer the proofs on numerous substrates, e.g. matte or glossy film. The color simulation is always of consistent quality.  

The integration of remote proofing systems has also proven to be effective. We offer the greatest possible flexibility and speed for fast, location-independent processing.

Printing Approval

We feel responsible - for your products and our work.

For us, the project does not end with the ready2print-data and printing form dispatch. We are happy to accompany the process to the end with a print approval and ensure that a satisfactory and reproducible print result is achieved. 

Close and, above all, partnership-based cooperation with the producing print shops is therefore the decisive factor and bridge to success. 

A subsequent pressure evaluation is also part of our service and consulting. The results are checked against the previously agreed parameters and evaluated in terms of printing technology.

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