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Design & Artwork

Köstlin Prepress Services | Style Guide

Style guide development

The style guide is a fundamental guide for the design of your brand identity. We develop a corporate design manual for you to ensure the necessary consistency and design framework within your brand and communication.

A high level of experience, understanding of target groups and the development of basic elements such as fonts, color schemes, logo use, serves as a reference for all future designs of content and your packaging.



For a successful design and color representation in print, all repro-technical conversions are subject to our high-end retouching.
Whether color adjustments, composings or beauty retouching - we know how our precise processing leads to the desired print result. Our retouching experts not only have a comprehensive understanding of design, but also the required technical printing know-how.

Köstlin Prepress Services | Retouching
Köstlin Prepress Services | Master & Adaptations


We will create your complete master design or additional variations as variety, size and language adaptations.
Your specifications, ideas and wishes are incorporated at all times and are implemented unerringly by our design team. The artwork of all types of packaging is always prepared and finalized according to printing and typographic guidelines.


It's all about the presentation: Appealing and contemporary product visualizations are easy with our 3D/CGI visuals.
Three-dimensional and photo-realistic representations of your packaging are the perfect starting point for sales and marketing activities. Your product can be experienced in digital space at any time.

Köstlin Prepress Services | 3D & CGI
Köstlin Prepress Services | Packaging Dummy


You can get your packaging from us not only as a virtual model or packshot, but also as a realistic and color-accurate mock-up. With a detailed dummy, we make your packaging tangible.
We use the original print data to create any type of packaging, whether labels, foil pouches or folding boxes. Your desired product sample becomes a true-to-scale look-a-like dummy you can touch.


Köstlin Prepress Services | Reproduction


During repro data preparation, we ensure that your design is optimized for the respective printing process and the given technical requirements. This includes, among other things, specific color separations, the creation of individual trappings, as well as the adaptation to machine and color profiles of the printers.

By carefully preparing the data, we develop the crucial framework for a successful and repeatable print implementation of your design on the various packaging types and substrates.


To achieve the desired color representation in print and to simulate it in advance, we perform various color space elaborations and ensure careful transfer of color standards and profiling.

For the greatest possible precision and predictability, we work with GMG OpenColor as part of the complete design and repro process.

Köstlin Prepress Services | Color Management
Köstlin Prepress Services | Proofing


After your design has been approved, our color-accurate proofs are created under the influence of all relevant machine and substrate parameters.

For location-independent processing, we also offer the integration of remote proofing systems for the greatest possible flexibility and speed.

Printing Approval

We feel responsible - for your products and our work.
For us, the job does not end with the data or printing form dispatch. We are happy to accompany the joint job to its actual completion with a print approval.

The close and cooperative partnership with the print shops is the decisive factor and bridge to success.

Köstlin Prepress Services | Print Support

Printing plate and polymer-sleeve production

Printing forme production

Köstlin Prepress Services | Printing Form Production

Printing plate and polymer-sleeve production

With our special expertise in printing plate and polymer-sleeve production, we can cover the last step in the complex chain of the prepress process extremely efficiently and innovatively.

Thanks to one of the most modern in-house production facilities for flexographic printing clichés and sleeves, we are able to deliver the best possible quality in packaging printing for every manufacturer.

Our printing forms are adapted to the respective printing environment and each individual motif, so that the technically best and most sensible solution can always be achieved with the printers.