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Köstlin Prepress Services | Styleguide
Köstlin Prepress Services | Corporate Design Element

Styleguide development

The style guide is a fundamental guide for the design of your brand identity. We develop a corporate design manual for you to ensure the necessary consistency and design framework within your brand and communication.

A high level of experience, understanding of the target group and the development of basic elements such as fonts, colour schemes, logo use, serves as a reference for all future designs of content and your packaging.



For a successful design and colour representation in print, all repro-technical conversions are subject to our high-end retouching.
Whether colour adjustments, composings or beauty retouching - we know how our precise processing leads to the desired print result. Our retouching experts not only have a comprehensive understanding of design, but also the required technical printing know-how.

Köstlin Prepress Services | Retouching


Köstlin Prepress Services | Reproduction


During repro-technical data preparation, we ensure that your design is optimised for the respective printing process and the given technical requirements. This includes, among other things, specific colour separations, the creation of individual trappings, as well as the adaptation to the machine and colour profiles of the printers.

By carefully preparing the data, we develop the decisive framework conditions for a successful and repeatable print implementation of your design on the different packaging types and substrates.


In order to achieve the desired colour representation in print and to simulate this in advance, we undertake various colour space elaborations and ensure careful transfer of colour standards and profiling.

For the greatest possible precision and predictability, we work with GMG OpenColor as part of the complete design and repro process.

Köstlin Prepress Services | Colour Management
Köstlin Prepress Services | Corporate Design Animations
Köstlin Prepress Services | Corporate Design Animations

Printing forme production

Printing forme production

Köstlin Prepress Services | Flexographic printing clichés and sleeves

Printing forme production

With our special expertise in printing forme production, we can cover the last step in the complex chain of the prepress process extremely efficiently and innovatively.

Thanks to one of the most modern in-house production facilities for flexographic printing clichés and sleeves, we are able to deliver the best possible quality in packaging printing for every manufacturer.

Our printing forms are adapted to the respective printing environment and each individual motif, so that the technically best and most sensible solution can always be achieved with the printers.