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Design & Artwork

Style guide

The style guide is a basic guide for the design of a brand - visual appearance elements are defined to determine the common thread in the brand design.
These guidelines ensure a uniform appearance of your communication media and packaging and are an indispensable standard within the scope of design projects.
We understand this important point as a principle of our work and are happy to accompany you in the development of your style guide. 

If you wish, we can create a corporate design manual for you in brand design, which contains fundamental design elements. This includes details such as logos, colour concepts, motifs or images and various typographies, which we define as design guidelines.
These in turn serve as a reference for all future content designs in your brand communication. Further packaging developments can be easily implemented and the story of your brand can be told.



Our retouching can do much more than typical digital image editing.
We offer a comprehensive range of services with a focus on beauty retouching, colour adjustments, composing or removing unwanted elements.

We know how our specific image processing leads to the intended result, so that your packaging design looks irresistible.
There is no second chance for the first impression. Your images will be adapted and finalised for the desired display and printing of the design.

For any requirements, our retouching experts are at your disposal, who have the technical know-how but also keep an overall understanding of design in mind. Here, we optimise down to the smallest detail to ensure an effective presentation at the point of sale.

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Masters & Adaptations

Whether packaging development, design or adaptation - with us, every master and every variant is implemented with the highest degree of precision. Thanks to our efficient workflow between project management and graphics, we can deliver high-quality results.

At this point, we conduct targeted research, check the market conditions and incorporate your ideas and wishes into the design. From the creative phase to printing, we are your contact partner to ensure that your products are convincing at the point of sale.

Likewise, the given prerequisites of the production are taken into account. Specific information on the printing process, substrate, machine and ink is constantly incorporated by our printing specialists.
Since the data is optimised right from the start with a view to later printing, the layouts we supply serve as perfect print templates.

Regardless of whether you have us create the complete master design or deliver a final design, the artwork of any type of packaging is always prepared and finalised according to printing and typographic guidelines.

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Masters & Adaptations

Artwork services

What we mean by this:

3D Packshots

An appealing packaging visualisation does not succeed through simple image presentation alone. For this reason, we have specialised in both real-world and digital product presentations.
With our expertise in high-quality 3D visualisations, we are able to realise an advanced user experience for our customers individually and photo-realistically.
The three-dimensional visualisation of the final packaging not only supports your sales and marketing activities, but also helps with the final control of the design. A 3D simulation or a packaging dummy based on it shows what a print-ready repro PDF is not able to achieve in its entirety.

Directly from the original data, we create your packaging projects as 3D or CGI representations in the appropriate shape, colour, material and with all possible finishes. So we know the important role of this design and sampling phase.

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Packaging dummy

Alternatively, we can also create your packaging as a realistic and colour-binding mock-up. From the print data, we produce your packaging as a haptic sample before the actual product launch at the point of sale.

With a detailed dummy, we make your packaging tangible and tangible. This brings you one step closer to your final packaging before actual production and market launch and you can use the dummy for trade fairs, presentations or photo shoots.

We can produce digitally printed samples from different substrates - whether labels, films or folding boxes.

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