Optimal resource consumption

Using resources efficiently, reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible and promoting environmental protection - these pillars accompany our everyday work.

Step by step, we are working on a more efficient cycle along the entire value chain, because the issue of environmental protection and sustainable production processes concerns us all.

We are aware of our responsibility and strive to make a relevant contribution to sustainability with concrete measures.

Environment and sustainability

CSR im Mittelpunkt

The water-based cliché production with Kodak NX Ultra specifically reduces our solvent consumption in production. This ensures particularly efficient and at the same time VOC-free processing.

The basic objective is to offer the best performance and quality while avoiding negative environmental impacts as best as possible.
For this reason, we regularly review our equipment and in-house processes to reduce resource consumption in all areas. In addition, we work with companies that operate in accordance with the REACH regulation.

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Ecological thinking
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Ice storage heating

Solar system