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Virtual, realistic visualisations are becoming increasingly important in all industries, especially in the field of packaging design. Due to constant digitalisation, a simple 1D or 2D image representation is no longer sufficient. This area is also becoming increasingly popular from a business and strategic point of view. One major advantage is that the quality of these product visualisations is so high that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a 3D model and a photo taken in reality. This can save enormous costs for expensive photo shoots. Product visualisations in the form of 3D packshots are in any case efficient replacement models, not only in terms of cost, but also because, in contrast to classic photo production, there are no design restrictions.

Due to the ever-increasing demand, we have specialised in digital product presentation, so-called 3D packaging. The CGI visuals or 3D packshots not only save time and costs that would otherwise have been incurred in a photo shoot, but also maintain the high quality that goes hand in hand with the packshots.

Photorealistic, emotionalising & convincing: packaging as 3D packshots!

Why are 3D packshots preferred?

Although product images in 2D have improved in quality in recent years, they often do not provide enough information and are sometimes boring or too ordinary.

The solution is 3D packshots:

360 degree visualisations of packaging, also known as 3D renderings, which correspond in size, colour and feel to the original 100% models, can lead many customers to greater interest and enthusiasm. The packshot renderings show different views of the product in high quality. This allows every single part of the packaging to be inspected and scrutinised down to the smallest detail. Especially in the design and conception phase of a product, a photorealistic 3D model proves to be a major step forward in increasing efficiency.

3D packshots are favoured in industry and retail for active product marketing, both in print and online. For example, on the homepage, in online shops, in advertisements, catalogues and on posters. Furthermore, 3D visualisations are particularly suitable for digital advertising communication in the form of commercials and product videos, which are then played on television, in cinemas or directly in supermarkets at the point of sale. In today's age of constant digitalisation, this has therefore developed into a medium that has become indispensable.

Are you interested in photorealistic 3D packshots of product packaging and packaging design? Then please contact us.

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