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Photopolymer sleeves

Photopolymer sleeves

We use the latest technologies to produce our photopolymer sleeves for flexographic printing, which can also be produced with microcell screenings for better ink transfer.
Our sleeves can be produced up to a printing width of 1750mm.

Photopolymer sleeves are ideal for high-quality packaging and motifs in the area of flexible packaging, as in addition to the good register, screen finenesses of 54-70 L/cm can also be easily achieved.

In addition to the ability to print endlessly and seamlessly, you also benefit from numerous other advantages in terms of quality, handling and economy.

The exact register accuracy and optimal ink transfer properties result in high-quality printed images. Similarly, the photopolymer sleeves virtually eliminate set-up and assembly work, saving time, materials and labour costs while increasing printing efficiency.