Colour Management

Colour management system in the pre-press stage

In packaging printing in particular, there are many influencing factors that can make it difficult to achieve a satisfactory print result. Standardisation of the process and specialist flair is therefore essential in almost all steps in the prepress process.

When it comes to colour consistency, it is all the more important to have a well-defined colour management system. Especially when it comes to achieving uniform colour reproduction for a wide range of print jobs. The goal for an optimal print result is therefore to eliminate colour deviations as far as possible. Our team of experienced specialists is well equipped to meet these challenges and ensure maximum defined colour reproduction for every motif.

For the greatest possible reliability and precision, we work with GMG OpenColor and recognised colour space standards. Precise spot colour simulation and binding predictions of overprinting effects are thus given.

Your advantages:

CMYK and Pantone colours