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For a first-class presentation of your products at the point of sale, we have been working as a service provider and partner in the implementation of packaging projects for over 40 years - always with the aim of providing you with the best possible support and implementing your requirements.

With our experts on site, you can professionally implement all steps of the pre-press process for each individual packaging component and for each printing process.

Angefangen bei der Kreationsphase Ihres Verpackungsdesigns, über die spezifische Reproduktion jeder Verpackungsart, die Abstimmungen mit verschiedenen Partnern, wie Herstellern und Druckereien, bis hin zur Begleitung der Druck-Produktion – unser Leistungsspektrum ist breit gefächert und bietet für jeden Kunden eine Lösung.

For this purpose, a central contact person is responsible for each project in our company, who takes over the coordination of all work and is always informed about the current order status. We look after your packaging projects from the briefing to the completion, so that the appearance of your products and thus also your brand is guaranteed in optimum quality.

Design, design adaptations and print data preparation go hand in hand with us. Unnecessary overlaps in this phase are avoided, efficiency is increased and costs are actively reduced. We can provide you with comprehensive advice and support in all typical project stages.

Since all work comes from one house, you can be sure that the results will be consistent - across all packaging components and printing processes. 
Our approach is always transparent and communication with a direct contact is kept as simple as possible.

In addition, we provide you with our customised database solution, which maps an individually adapted packaging workflow with release management and acts as a central collection point for your final print data.


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